To experience MLM Success, you can’t “pitch” someone on your MLM Business or product until they know, like and trust you.

Many MLM newbies and veterans alike, make some basic communication mistakes while talking to prospects, therefore never really creating any type of know, like and trust rapport.

By rectifying some simple communications errors, you can really kick your MLM prospecting and MLM Success up another notch!

MLM Success Communication Tip #1

Humor Me! : )

Believe it or not, this is probably the single most important communication tip I could give you. People are attracted to people who have a smile on their face, are having fun, and are approachable.

Think about the last time you bought something, if the person you bought from was enjoying what he/she was doing and having fun, I’ll bet you were pretty inclined to at least listen to what they had to say.

MLM Success Communication Tip #2

Relax Your Body.

This very much relates to the previous tip, but it’s important to relax when you’re speaking to someone. If your body is stiff, people unconsciously start mimicking you and start feeling stiff themselves. When people start stiffening up, they also start “closing off”.

Now I’m not suggesting you should be flinging your hands and arms all over the place when you’re speaking, but a calm, relaxed posture will go a long way to making your prospect relax themselves and this will, unconsciously, “open up” the lines of communication.

MLM Success Communication Tip #3

Use Silence for Impact.

In this day and age with so much “noise” around us, many people feel uncomfortable with silence.

But, the use of silence when you are speaking, really helps your point “sink in”. It helps the other person hear what you’ve just said.

Silence also provides a natural break in the conversation and allows the other person to ask any questions they may be thinking.

Remember what your Grandmother said Silence is Golden, this is very true when creating rapport. It gives the other person a chance to talk and communicate back to you. Which is a true conversation.

Applying these 3 MLM Success Tips will help you build the rapport you need when talking to people so you can build a solid MLM Network Marketing Business.

MLM Success Tip | Top 3 Communication Mistakes….Are You Making Them?
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