MLM Organization | I Didn’t Read my MLM Contract!

I found the following post on Brenda Bunney’s MLM Blog. It give some good solid info on what to look for, and avoid, in a MLM Organization contract. If you want to be Successful in MLM, this is important information, so read on.

The Policies and Procedures set forth by an MLM organization is your contract. If you sign it, be prepared to agree to all that is addressed within. How do you know your MLM company management has integrity?

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Yes, all MLM companies must have a way to make required changes that may be required by the state or federal government. Laws vary from state to state.

Does your MLM contract contain the following?

  1. Ongoing requirements that will never let you retire i.e. (5 retail receipts per month, regular contact and training responsibilities for your MLM organization)
  2. Statements allowing the MLM organization to cancel your contract at any time without cause.
  3. Monthly sales requirements that if not met, the contract is void?

The above three items are just examples of policies I have found in various MLM organizations that show a lack of integrity among top management.

There is a combination of items all potential distributors may research to assure themselves as much as possible that their MLM company management will operate with integrity regarding the distributors.

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